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How do Ocean Ganatra Starts a Web Design Project

Ocean Ganatra’s 5 questions to client or project manger:-

What’s the value of this website for you and your business?
What do you want the website to achieve?
How do you want to measure the website’s success?
Is the website an essential part of your business? Or is the website a place to provide information on the company, an extension of the brand (microsite), or a side project?
Who is the target audience? Who will visit the website?


Goal Defining Process :-

Option: A good goal for a website should be these three things:

Clearly defined. E.g. “it needs to bring in sales.”
Measurable. E.g. “it needs to bring in at least X sales a month.”
Achievable. Not “it needs to bring in gazillion sales a month.”

Again Question to myself :-

Thinking Audience First, and Solving a Specific Problem?

Yes and Moving on to another level.

let’s Putting Content First and Respect As below Web Standards.


Logo in the top left.
Consistent branding and look across the whole website (individual pages shouldn’t follow different design patterns – something often occurring with e-commerce stores).
Contact in the top right or center (for example, as visible in the screenshot above).
Main navigation across the top and avoiding confusing menus (which are annoying to the users, as another Nielsen Normal study shows).
Value proposition and call-to-action high up on the homepage (making your call-to-action highly visible guarantees better conversions).
Search feature in the header.
Sign-up box in the footer.


Making Navigation Simple as i can.

Focusing on Mobile too.

Not Disregarding Typography

Delivering in Batches

Embracing Social Media

What’s your?