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WordPress SEO Services

I’m working specifically on WordPress web sites to rank
them higher in Google,yahoo,bing,baidoo. Get help optimizing your
site using Yoast,SEO All in one WordPress Plugin and SEO expert strategies for WordPress.

WordPress Website Keyword Research

Send me your competitor websites or tell me about your business.i will research & analyze your competitors. you can suggest me your keyword ideas which you have in mind. I’ll research data-driven phrases people search in Google so we can target those on your website.

  • Most important initial stage of SEO
  • Research on your products/services
  • Data-driven through keyword tools
  • Learn each keyword’s # of searches
  • Can include keywords for blog post

YOAST SEO Plugin Installation WordPress Website SEO Support

Yoast is the most famous WordPress SEO plugin out there. Have me configure it with the optimal settings, then we’ll work together to target your keywords in the content.

  • Configuration of Yoast
  • Content optimization
  • Content optimization training
  • Keyword research training
  • Training done through screen sharing

WordPress Website Speed Optimization

Fastest websites are good for both SEO and client conversions. Reducing page load times will improve your website’s overall performance while converting more visitors to sales.

  • Improves both conversions and SEO
  • Site speed diagnosis using GTmetrix
  • Before and after GTmetrix reports

WordPress Website Link Building

Links are over 60% of Google’s ranking factors. The links I build are specifically designed to improve Google,bing,yahoo and Baidoo rankings for priority keywords in the shortest amount of time.

  • Send me 6 or more priority keywords
  • I build links on trustworthy websites
  • You rank higher in search engines
  • White-hat strategies (Google safe)
  • Keyword + Google Analytics reports

WordPress SEO Audits

An SEO audit tells you where you WordPress website is, and how to get (your rankings) to where they should be. It’s your blueprint and ensures you’re doing it right without jumping the gun.

  • High priority SEO recommendations
  • Yoast, analytics, webmaster analysis
  • Keyword selection and usage analysis
  • Technical SEO analysis
  • Walkthrough of the analysis with me

WordPress Custom SEO Proposals

Have me review your WordPress website and put together an SEO proposal. I will suggest next steps and which WordPress SEO services will improve your rankings the most.

  • Fill out my contact form
  • We’ll schedule a Skype phone call
  • We’ll talk about your SEO goals
  • Get a custom-written SEO proposal
  • We’ll walk through it together

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